The black seeds of the Nigella Sativa plant can treat a huge variety of health condition, including anything from colon cancer, to type 2 diabetes

There has been a lot of research into the effectiveness of black seed in curing health problems and the results have been very promising. The most notable ones include colon cancer and type 2 diabetes. Studies into colon cancer and black seed extract reveal that it stunts the growth of the cancer without causing any side effects.

The studies surrounding type 2 diabetes show us that just two grams of black seed per day can decrease insulin resistance and fasting glucose. It also showed a decline in glycosylated hemoglobin but a rise in beta-cell function; which is great for treating type 2 diabetes!

Black seed was found to significantly lower blood pressure after just two months

Participants in one study were found to have a decline in their blood pressure after using between 100 and 20 mg of black seed extract twice every day. The results after two months showed positive reductions in high blood pressure.

Children with epilepsy can improve their condition using black seed extract

A study carried out in 2007 involving epileptic children revealed that black seed extract, specifically the water extract, reduced seizure activity by a considerable amount. In these cases, the black seed extract was used on children who were not responding to the standard epileptic medications.

Black seed extracts can be more powerful than traditional asthma medications

One of the main ingredients in this plant extract is thymoquinone. This compound has been found to be more effective at treating asthma compared to the main drug that’s contained in conventional medications. Furthermore, black seed extracts that had been boiled in water provided the participant with very strong positive effects on the asthmatic airways.

Opiate users no longer rely on their addiction after using black seed extracts

One study followed 35 people who were addicted to opiates and tested the effects of black seed extracts on them. The participants reported that the black seeds were a useful tool in helping them treat their opioid addiction for the long-term.

Natural compounds can pick up the pieces of a broken traditional medical system

The medical system nowadays is under increasing amounts of pressure to perform, however, it’s no secret that it’s struggling under all this weight. That’s why more natural remedies, such as black seed extracts, are starting to become widely recognized for their amazing healing effects. Black seed extracts, among many other natural healing medications, also give you the power to treat your body the way you see fit.